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Community Outreach Projects

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Fine Arts Scholarship

Every spring,


Every academic year, $500. grants are given to college students majoring in a fine art.  These must be used for supplies or equipment, and are paid upon proof of such expenditures.  Students have applied their grant to the costs of art supplies, a new trombone, percussion music and equipment, a finer cello bow, upgraded technology for digital artwork, and more.  Micro-grant funds come from generous donations.  To contribute, please go to the "Contribute" page.  Applications are reviewed by the Guild Board in May for the upcoming academic year.  Please request an application at

1-2-1 Program

Artists and musicians are invited to give back to their community by regularly meeting with a home-bound elderly person or a resident in a long-term care environment.  The goal is not to create yet one more class or activity, but rather to foster one-on-one relationships around the creative process.  Young people seeking volunteer experience are coached and supported as they engage on this meaningful endeavor.  COVID-related restrictions hampered this program; as these ease, 1-2-1 will resume.

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