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Awards Reception Saturday, April 1, 2023

McKinney Performing Arts Center

In McKinney, we value the artist.  Nurture the artist and the work he or she produces will develop to the fullest.  This show nurtures artists in several ways:  through critique, community, and prize money.  Through the Unique by Nature Juried Competition, the City of McKinney, the McKinney Performing Arts Center, all the contributors and sponsors, and the Arts and Music Guild communicate to artists that they are valuable to our community and that the work they produce is important.

Please download the Prospectus. There are two parts to the competition:  Large Works Purchase Prize (submission with online application (click here), deadline March 17th) & Non-Purchase Prize (submission in person on March 25th).  Judging both parts of the competition will be Lynn Rushton Reed, Public Art Collection and Conservation Manager, Office of Arts and Culture, City of Dallas, Texas. Awards Reception will be April 1st.  Bonne chance!

Cindy Trahan

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