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Annie Royer began producing events that paired artists and musicians in 2011, when she and friends formed the Arts and Music Guild.  The first Music in Motion event was unique, loved by the participants, and intriguing to audiences who experienced art and music in a new way.  This newest iteration, Live Art 2 Live Music, presents an exciting opportunity for collaboration with Tupps Brewery.  Of her art, Annie writes, “From an early age, my teacher and mentor, Gustav Likan, instilled in me the desire to create beauty through color and form, regardless of the subject matter. I grew up in a musical and artistic family, and have always thrived on the synergy of creative collaboration. When I paint to live music, I am a conduit for the expression of sound through color and form.”

Karren Case sunset.webp

Karren Case is an avid participant in the arts community in McKinney; she is a member of the Art Club of McKinney, The Cove, LAST Gallery, Jump Into Art Studios, the McKinney Plein Air Society, and the McKinney Art Studio Tour.   "For years, I have been a painter expressing myself and the colorful world around me using acrylics, oils, watercolors, and other mediums on both canvases and wood substrates. I love color. Pretty much ALL colors. My art may not always be serious… but it’s seriously colorful. I don’t paint in the realism style. Too confining for me. I prefer my art to be representative of what I see or what I am imagining in my head. Gives me much more freedom and allows me to work more freely and faster."--Karren

Pernie Fallon.webp

Pernie Fallon and several painters from the McKinney Plein Air Society will be painting en plein air, which they get together and do on the first Saturday of every month.  The difference is that this Saturday, their accompanying music will be made by humans, not birds.  Pernie is the passionate leader of this fabulous group of plein air painters, and will be joined by Dee Daniels, Nancy Sterling Tyler and Heidi Kidd.

Kim Guthrie.jpg

Kim Guthrie is one of THE most popular artists in McKinney.  In her whimsical style, Kim has canonized shop fronts and street views of historic McKinney.  Her delightful images of goats and chickens are painted with as much finesse as her commissioned portraits of people and pets.  Kim’s interest in texture has led her to work 3D with papier mache and vintage finds, and the resulting sculptures both large and small are collectibles. 

Linda Herbert .jpg

Linda Herbert writes, “The splendor and beauty of God’s creation is what inspires me to paint. My desire is that my brush and canvas shine the light of hope. I want my art to truly reflect my emotions and feelings. Life is constantly changing and flowing – so my creativity leads me to capture each moment. The essence of my art is a reflection of faith, light and creativity."  Receiving her BFA from West Texas State University, taking lessons from great artists such as Dalhart Windberg and Kevin Macpherson, Linda has sought to grow and perfect her talent. She has experience painting in many different settings, from wall murals in businesses and homes to plein air – her canvases are many.

Leticia Herrera.jpg

Mexican Artist Leticia Herrera lives and works in McKinney, Texas. She moved to the US to pursue her formal art education at LSU, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 1992. After her degree she returned to her country and started working as a Creative Director during the day. But in the evening, she worked at her home studio as a freelance artist, trying to explore her own creativity. In 2001 Herrera launched her first solo art exhibition on the Regional Museum of Queretaro. The same year she had her second show on the Contemporary Art Museum of Queretaro. In 2007 she immigrated to the USA.
Leticia’s work addresses the inner world of human feelings and sensations. She expresses that through color and texture in her abstract compositions and through stories of magic surrealism portraying imaginary moments.


Ivanevid is an artist and designer who appreciates landscapes in nature and sees them as the most beautiful artwork and design. He started as a street graffiti artist in Mexico City, and since that time he has perfected his technique and expanded it from portraits, logos, murals, prints and clothing to other forms of expression, including non-tangible media like music. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Communication in Mexico City. He has developed art and design work in collaboration with fashion brands, restaurants, bars, government and many other industries.

Daniele Jones image.jpg

Daniele Jones has been a full-time, self-employed artist and designer for 25+ years. These two professions fuel each other, leading to a better understanding of how to convey a feeling visually and hone in on a message, whether subtle or overt. The discipline of delivering creative work as a designer, and commissioned portraits as an artist, has lead to a consistent creative practice. Daniele has found more freedom in abstract paintings and assemblages.
Daniele graduated with a BFA from Fort Hays State University, in Hays, KS, with an emphasis on printmaking and a teaching certificate. Daniele is an active member of the The Cove in McKinney, the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, the Visual Arts League of Allen, the Visual Arts League of Lewisville, and the McKinney Art Club.


Heidi Kidd and her paintings emit a rational exuberance.  Her visual interpretations of Nature, which she dearly loves, reflect her excellent training and demanding career.  Heidi graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, NY) with a degree in Textile Design, and attended The Art Students League (New York, NY), where she studied classical painting and drawing.  She has spent many years as a textile designer, currently working in Dallas for Sharron Young Inc., and is well-versed in techniques of luma ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic and oil.  On the weekends she paints her passion, which is ecological art.  “I study nature by taking long hikes, runs, and walks, and my love for nature shines through in my paintings,” Heidi explains. 

Bonnie Koenig.jpg

Bonnie Koenig is an abstract landscape painter with over 35 years of experience in painting. Her formal education in fine arts began at the University of Texas, Austin, and was completed at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. Bonnie fearlessly experiments with different techniques, the use of color, and unconventional tools. Her “tools” include trowels, kitchen spatulas, string and thread to create interesting layers; with a spatula or brayer she may add or subtract paint. Carefully developing her compositions and patiently layering her colors, Bonnie creates a sense of place and mood in her paintings. Her works are inspired by nature and daringly experimental.  Bonnie is the President of the Sherman Art League.

Ancient Hymns_Deepa.jpg

Deepa Koshaley is an established artist living in Dallas, TX. She holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, with additional studies in Visual Communication from UT Arlington. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree in her native India.
Deepa’s perfected creative approach represents an unseen breath of energy as she executes rapid, decisive, yet spontaneous, suggestive strokes to her compositions. These complicated movements provide a platform for her to embrace subjective emotions within an objective world, thus stimulating a familiar meditative calm within our noisy abstracted cosmos.

Sept McKinney_Sudeep Kumar.jpg

Sudeep Kumar is an avid painter, illustrator and urban sketcher. His process begins with a location scouting, a place or event he can connect with, at deeper emotional level, searching for a deeper message it conveys. Next step is a rough outline of the subject matter followed by working in layers of details as per the point of interest in art work. All this is done on location followed by final touches and finishing the work in studio. The on-location aspect of Sudeep's work makes the artwork more lively and energetic. His artwork is unique for capturing the essence and details of the subject matter in a unique way, as if audiences are seeing the beauty of next door street for the very first time.

Darby LaGrave Estuary.jpg

Darby LaGrave is much loved in the greater McKinney area because she pours her love into the her community.  Of art she writes, “In the public venue, art can unite communities by building common goals and instilling a sense of belonging through the shared experience.”  With delight, she paints her world, which on any given day includes chickens and guineas, rugged trees, an unruly garden, wildflowers, a serious Blood Hound, and gatherings of family and friends. 

Laurie Lindemeir Art.jpeg

Laurie Lynn Lindemeier is a multi-faceted creative with experience in visual, musical, literary and theater arts. She currently works as an editor and classical vocalist, as well as an accomplished painter.  Laurie works in watercolor, graphite, conte crayon, pastel and collage. She strives to capture the essence of a moment in her urban/en plein air works. In her studio paintings, Laurie explores the deeply hidden emotions in scenes and subjects… both dark and light. Her palette is warm and, with the support of her art-loving friends, her heart is as well.

Kelly E. Marra will be inside the Beer Hall at Tupps because the sun would interrupt the intriguing effects of the black light under which she paints.  Kelly writes passionately about her art: "I like depicting a moment in time that future generations will look back on and get a sense of who we were and what we liked to do in this time period on earth.  In reflection, my current work focuses on capturing moments that speak to my soul – the vulnerability of a performer’s debut, the thrill of an impromptu performance or an extraordinary sunset – while experimenting with brushwork, and the boundaries of my medium’s accepted limits."

Jesus Moreno art.JPG

Jesus F. Moreno is an artist, illustrator, photographer, and owner of a computerized graphics design business. He has been actively engaged in producing fine art for the past 35 years. Born in Madrid, Spain, he moved to the U.S. as a young man and soon found a love for the arts and an opportunity to expand upon his early exposure to the classics. Many of Jesus’ works are currently on display in Spain, the United Kingdom, residences throughout the U.S. and in commercial buildings in the southwest. His innovative approaches include huge murals on glass, ink on acrylic panels, and mixed media canvases.


Janak Narayan identifies herself as an Indian American Fine artist focusing on acrylics and oils. She earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Indiana University in 2010. For health reason, she left a twenty-five year career in the finance and banking industry to pursue her passion in the arts. She has taken her passion for life and color to create compositions that are both joyful and healing. Her paintings test the boundaries between abstraction and representational art; her landscapes are becoming more abstract, and her abstracts barely hang on to reality through lucid brushstrokes in fantasy color palettes.


Vidya Lakshmi Nikesh paints in an impressionistic style evoking the desired emotions by the combination of color and strokes rather than the appearance of the subject. "I transcend to a different world when I communicate with my media, and this allows me to paint the subject’s essence. It is my purpose to create art which is both familiar and unfamiliar, and intriguing either way. I want people to enjoy seeing and experiencing my art and to be able to have a dialogue and connection with my paintings," Vidya explains.

Anju floral 2.jpg

Lalithanjani (Anju) Pala has been imaginative and passionate about art from childhood, and participated in several art competitions in India. She was inspired by her mom who used to paint on pots, sarees and ceramic vases, and stitched clothes with beautiful embroidery works. Anju's artwork draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of flowers and the natural world, capturing the delicate balance and vibrant colours found in various environments. Anju's art with alcohol inks medium is a dance of vibrant colours, fluidity, and spontaneity on non-absorbent surfaces. Through swirling, blending, and layering, Anju creates abstract compositions that evoke emotion and energy. Her work celebrates the beauty of imperfection, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of vivid abstraction. Her process involves both precision and spontaneity, mirroring nature's own methods.

Stan Perkins.jpeg

Stan Perkins lives and paints in Denison, Texas, and is a member of the Sherman Art League.  He is a prolific painter of Abstract Expressionist paintings.  He is inspired by the Action Painters of the 1950s and 1960s.  DeKoonig is his hero. Stan received his training at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where he received both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in art. He has been painting for about 50 years.

Juliet Shea Venus.jpg

Juliet Shea is an emerging young artist whose work won a prize at the recent Unique By Nature Juried Art Competition at the McKinney Performing Arts Center.  Characterized by imaginative imagery that is both of this and other worlds, Juliet's paintings invite careful attention and prolonged viewing.  Juliet serves as an Apprentice to the Arts and Music Guild, and has voluntered countless hours to support Guild events for several years.

Magali Smith Free.jpg

Magali Muñoz Smith is a painter of moments in life. She has been working on paintings reflecting women's feelings, in sceneries of peacefulness and contentment. Magali is from Puerto Rico and some of her work reflects her tropical island. Her favorite mediums are many but she gravitates toward oils. 
She has been part of the art community of downtown McKinney for many years, and a  chair member of the Art Club of McKinney. She is also a member of the Puertorican art community.  Her work can be seen at the McKinney Art Gallery downtown and The Cove. 


Madhupriya Srinivasan was born and raised in India. A creative atmosphere at home and a rich experience of varied visual and performing arts from the 7 different states in which she grew up fueled her creative explorations. Now based in Plano, Texas, Madhu continues her explorations inspired by life and nature on her journey of self-discovery through art.
Madhupriya works in layers as watercolors and acrylics flow and blend effortlessly in her creative process to create soft calming effects. Her process goes back and forth between intuition and discernment, and she uses symbolism to further reiterate her view of life.

LIsa Temple and dancer.webp

Lisa Temple was born and raised in Florida. Accordingly, her largest collection of works involves seascapes and lowlands, subjects natural for her to paint. She also enjoys painting faces full of emotion and mood, as well as contemporary abstract pieces. She paints in oils and acrylics by layering her surfaces, beginning with the written word and elevating to areas of rich palette knife work.  "I believe connection is essential. This is what I strive to accomplish through my large abstract paintings. The experience of each painting gives the viewer reason to look deeper into the soul of the painting and connect with it on their terms. My most recent works are performance pieces, where I paint on the person (mainly dancers) and the canvas simultaneously. As the dancer moves, the painting changes as a unit."--Lisa

Renee Wrenwood Agave.webp

Renee Wrenwood received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities at George Williams College in Illinois. She studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. At the DuPage Art League in Illinois, she studied watercolor, life drawing and Chinese Brush Painting. She teaches at a studio in downtown McKinney, and exhibits at The Cove and LAST Art Gallery. "My art is an expression of my love of the natural world and pure joy in creating. I am drawn to the luminescence and freshness of transparent watercolor, the unpredictability, the way paint and water mix on the paper and take on a life of their own. To me, the unexpected, the surprises and challenges that the medium presents, are part of the thrill of watercolor painting. Though I sometimes work in other media, I'm always excited to return to watercolors. When I am immersed in art, I am one with the universe, and life is good!" --Renee

Stay tuned... more artist info being added

Renee - Agave.jpg

To really appreciate Renee Wrenwood’s watercolors, one must recognize that she is also a gardener, a nurturing soul who understands the processes of nature.  It is delightful to listen to Renee describe each plant in her garden, the color and shape of its leaves and blooms, how it propagates, why it thrives.   With a similar respect for her beautiful paints and papers, Renee narrates how she makes an experimental start, nurtures a new idea, lets her paintings grow. Like a devoted gardener/artist, Renee is in a long-lasting dialogue with her plants/paints. 

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