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Live Art 2 Live Music '23

Saturday, May 27, 2023 
6-8 pm 
Hosted by
Tupps Brewery
721 Anderson Street McKinney, Texas



The Artists

Magda Dia

Kim Guthrie

KD Hafley

Leticia Herrara

Lynne Hubner

Heidi Kidd

Darby LaGrave

Laurie Lindemeier

Kelly Marra

Jesus Moreno

Cindy Peters

Annie Royer

Celeste Seitz

Renee Wrenwood

Reggie Rueffer.jpg
George Anderson.jpeg

The Musicians
Quantum Katz

George Anderson

Gerald Jones

Reggie Rueffer

Cara Wildman

George Anderson - Bass

Gerald Jones - Mandolin

Reggie Rueffer -

Cara Wildman -

Cara Wildman.png

This event is FREE and open to the public because of the generous support of


The Concept


Artists will create live as Quantum Katz performs a diverse mix of genres on acoustic instruments.   Inspiring the artists, the music will be an eclectic fusion of Jazz/Bluegrass/Blues/Irish/Rock/Classical and more. The highly improvisational interplay between the musicians leads to a creative atmosphere. The goal is to put the “Muse” back in Music. The music and art will be in a state of superposition until it's observed and the wave function collapses. No actual cats will be harmed during the concert.

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Arts and Music Guild Sponsors

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