Linda Barnes serves as a liaison to MAST. Her work as a photographer has taken her on an extraordinary journey into wildlife conservation. Linda has her own business consulting firm that specializes in effective communication.  

Dr. Maureen Hinkley has served on the Board since the early days of the Guild, and was the first to suggest the creation of a summer arts program, which became the Summer Music Intensives.  She oversees the Guild's finances.  Maureen's doctorate is in education, and she has a Master's in Finance and an MBA in international business.  For ten years she has served on the faculty of Western Governor's University, Texas, for the College of Health.

Stephanie Hobson.jpeg

Stephanie Hobson has served on the artists and the Guild Board for many years in several capacities, including on the MAST committee and as the bookkeeper and wise assistant to the Director.  Stephanie's husband, David, is an artist.  He painted the portrait of her.  Together, they owned and operated Hobson's Signs, which continues in the family.

The Board of Directors

Sandy (10).jpg

Sandy Liu has served on the Board for several years and is passionate about supporting art in the local community.  Her interests include Guild scholarships and microgrants for students pursuing studies in the Fine Arts.  Sandy practices Family Law and Immigration Law as the Managing Attorney for the Liu Law Firm.


Darby LaGrave has a heart for our community of artists.  She serves on The Cove Program Committee and as an organizer of the Guild's part in the Unique By Nature Juried Art Competition.  She is painter, an educator, and an organizer of service projects in the community. 

Kate Moore.jpg

Kate Moore serves as liaison to the Summer Music Intensives and co-organizer of Music in Motion events.  She is a professional musician with her Cat House Band which performs throughout North Texas.  Kate also works as a landscape designer.

Phipps, JB_edited.jpg

J.B. Phipps serves as a liaison to MAST and the 1-2-1 Program.  He is a wood-turner known for his thin-walled vessels which he creates in poetic communion with felled domestic timber.  J.B. is also a local business owner and serves on the board of LAST Art Gallery, McKinney.

Brad Sharp.jpg

Brad Sharp has served on the Board for many years, was instrumental in the initial planning and development of The Cove and is the liaison to The Cove.  Brad is a professional photographer and videographer.  He is a Texas Certified Arts Advocate and a graduate of the Business Council for The Arts' Leadership Arts Institute.  Brad is well-known for his service to the creative community in Frisco, Texas.