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McKinney Plein Air Society (MPAS)

We paint outdoors!

The McKinney Plein Air Society organized in the Spring of 2022 to further education of, appreciation for, and encouragement of painting en plein air.

McKinney Plein Air Society is a program of the Arts and Music Guild, a 501c3 non-profit arts organization. Pernie Fallon heads the MPAS Program.

Painting ‘en plein air’, the French term for painting outdoors, is a great way to study nature and improve painting skills while building a fresh body of original work. More importantly, painting outdoors is essential for the artist to savor the experiences that Nature offers and reclaim a sense of wonder that informs the creative process.

On the first Saturday of each month, McKinney Plein Air Society members gather to paint together. Even though there is no formal instruction at Paint Outs, it is fun and inspiring to get out of the studio and be with fellow artists to tackle the challenges of painting en plein air.

Our group is dedicated to friendship, learning, and sharing -- nurturing artists of all skill levels and experience. Visiting artists are welcome!


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